Rewards for Reviews FAQ


  1. What is the "Rewards for Reviews"

    It is exciting promotion provided by us, We are giving users the chance to WIN $25 Amazon & Starbucks Gift Card EVERY MONTH, Guaranteed!
    All you have to do is quite simple: Write you own reviews and rate the reviews for the others.
    We will choose five (5) best reviews that are submitted within our rewards cycle.

  2. What is the rewards cycle

    The length of each rewards cycle is about fifteen (15) days. The first cycle starts 01/18/2015 00:00:01 AM - 01/31/2015 12:59:59 PM

  3. Why are we making it easy for our community to win $25 Gift Cards each month?

    "Because we know you LOVE your cars and you have some great stories to share with the others!"

  4. How to write a review

    1. Register at to become a member
    2. Add at least one (1) car under the "My Garage" section and upload your car photos
    3. Click at the "My Reviews" tab, select your car from the drop down list, then click the "Add New Review" button

  5. Tips for rewards

    1. Your review should be related to the car you are going to write about.
    2. Uploading your brilliant photos of your car is definately a HUGE plus.
    3. Other Members will rate your reviews. The more Members that rate your review is a KEY factor to win. (please see “How to Rate a Review” below)

  6. How to search and browse the car reviews?

    1. Click at the "YW Library" tab
    2. Select the car maker/model/year you are interested in
    3. The webpage will display all user cars that meets your search criteria, then click at the "View Car Page" button
    4. The next webpage will show all reviews under this user car, then just click "View" button for each review you want to read.

  7. How to rate a review

    1. There will be a "Review Scores" section in each review page. (Note: you CANNOT rate your own reviews.)
    2. Simply rate a qualified review (a review that is written within the rewards cycle). We will randomly draw one (1) winner from the users who rate at least once during the rewards cycle. We will announce the list of winners after each rewards cycle on and YouWheel Facebook page.

  8. How to add a car?

    After logging in the site, click at "My Garage" then click "Add More Cars"

  9. Terms & Conditions

    We will be choosing winners bi weekly, one gift card a month per household, no purchase necessary, winners will be notified every two weeks, gift cards will be emailed after the winners have been chosen. You have the chances to win one gift card each month. is NOT responsible for lost or stolen gift card. We reserve the rights of final decision on the interpretation of this Terms and Conditions.